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OkCupid Review: What You Need to Know

Ah, OkCupid. The digital playground where love, lust, and a ton of hilarious bios collide. But is it just another online dating app or does it hold the secret to finding your perfect match? Strap in folks, because we’re about to dive deep into the world of swipes, chats, and profile pics that make you go “wait…what?!”. Are you ready to uncover if OkCupid is truly cupid’s arrow or just another twisty rollercoaster ride? Let’s find out together!

Pros & Cons

  • – OkCupid lets you create a profile for absolutely free, so no need to worry about breaking the bank before finding love.
  • – The match percentage on OkCupid helps you quickly filter out potential matches who aren’t quite your cup of tea and find those who are more compatible.
  • – OkCupid reviews every profile thoroughly, reducing the chances of coming across too many fake accounts – because ain’t nobody got time for that!
  • – With an easy-to-use interface, OkCupid makes it convenient to browse through profiles and connect with interesting individuals from all walks of life.
  • – If deal breakers matter to you (and they should), OkCupid allows you to set them upfront, avoiding any awkward discussions down the line.
  • – OkCupid lets anyone create a profile, so be prepared to wade through an ocean of fake profiles and try-hard catfishers.
  • – When reading OkCupid reviews, one common complaint is the abundance of fake accounts pretending to be Prince Charming but turn out to be frogs in disguise.
  • – The match percentage on OkCupid can be misleading; just because someone scored high doesn’t mean they have any real compatibility with you beyond both being carbon-based life forms.
  • – While it’s free to use OkCupid and explore potential matches, be ready for a bombardment of ads trying to sell you everything from designer socks to questionable dating advice ebooks.
  • – OkCupid may not cost money upfront, but spending hours swiping left due to deal breakers like excessive selfie posting or fondness for pineapple pizza can definitely take its toll on your sanity.

Help & Support

To access support on OkCupid, users have multiple options available to them. Firstly, there is a dedicated support page on the OkCupid website where users can find answers to commonly asked questions and troubleshoot any issues they may be experiencing. This page serves as a valuable resource for self-help and allows users to resolve their concerns without having to directly contact customer support.

In addition to the support page, OkCupid also offers email assistance for more specific or complex inquiries. Users can send an email outlining their issue or question, and the support team will respond in a timely manner.

The response time of OkCupid’s customer support via email is generally within 24-48 hours, providing prompt assistance for users seeking guidance or resolution.

For those who prefer direct communication over written correspondence, OkCupid unfortunately does not offer a phone number that users can call for immediate live assistance. However, their email-based system ensures that queries are still addressed efficiently and effectively.

OkCupid’s dedication to user satisfaction is further demonstrated by their comprehensive FAQ section. This extensive compilation addresses numerous topics related to account management, privacy settings, billing inquiries, profile creation tips, messaging features, and much more.

By providing detailed responses to frequently asked questions in an easy-to-navigate format, this FAQ section significantly reduces user frustration by imparting knowledge on common issues and misunderstandings.

While some alternative platforms may provide more diverse methods of contacting their support teams (such as live chat or phone lines), OkCupid strives to maintain its high level of customer service through efficient email responses and a thorough FAQ section. This approach enables them to cater to a wide range of user needs while still prioritizing timely solutions.

Overall, the accessibility and efficiency of OkCupid’s support system make it adequately equipped to assist users with any concerns they may encounter during their experience on the platform. Whether utilizing the informative support page or reaching out via email for personalized assistance, OkCupid ensures that their users have the necessary resources to address and resolve any issues they may face.

Design & Usability

The color scheme and design of OkCupid is visually appealing, combining vibrant shades with a clean layout that enhances user experience. The choice of colors – from the cheerful orange accents to the calming blue backgrounds – creates an engaging and stimulating atmosphere that resonates well with its target audience.

Navigating through OkCupid’s user interface (UI) is exceptionally intuitive, enabling users to effortlessly explore the site’s features and functionalities. The main navigation menu remains consistently accessible at the top, providing quick access to key sections such as Matches, Messages, Likes, Discover, and Profile Settings. This simplicity ensures easy navigation without overwhelming the users with an excessive array of options.

The profile setup process on OkCupid is straightforward and comprehensive. Users are prompted to provide essential details about themselves while also having the freedom to express their personality through creative prompts and questions.

This personal touch not only assists potential matches in getting to know each other better but also adds depth and individuality to each profile.

OkCupid incorporates smart algorithms that efficiently analyze user preferences, interests, and responses. By utilizing this data intelligence effectively, it offers highly compatible match suggestions based on shared values and commonalities between individuals. Additionally, the platform employs intricate filters that allow users to set specific criteria for their ideal matches while still encouraging exploration beyond these boundaries.

Furthermore, OkCupid focuses on promoting meaningful connections by emphasizing a balance between looks and substance. While physical attraction certainly plays a part in finding suitable partners or friends-of-friends on dating sites like these, OkCupid strongly encourages actively exploring compatibility based on mutual interests and conversations rather than just superficial visual appeal.

When considering UI improvements provided by purchasing a paid subscription on OkCupid (such as A-List), several exclusive features enhance overall usability even further.

These premium offerings grant subscribers enhanced search filtering capabilities along with advanced privacy controls for enhanced security online. Furthermore, it facilitates ad-free browsing within profiles which mitigates any potential distractions, allowing users to fully focus on connecting with others in a seamless and distraction-free environment.

In conclusion, OkCupid’s attractive design, efficient UI, and clever algorithms make it an excellent platform for individuals looking to connect with like-minded people. Its emphasis on compatibility and substance sets it apart from other dating sites that predominantly rely on physical appearance alone. Whether utilizing the free version or opting for additional features through a paid subscription, OkCupid remains user-friendly and enriching.

Similar Sites & Apps

In addition to OkCupid, which is a top dating site, there are other alternatives available for those seeking connections. These alternative platforms cater to various sexual orientations and boast a community of diverse individuals, much like OkCupid since it is under the same company. The advantage lies in providing users with more options and opportunities to connect with other members who share their interests and values.

  • Tinder:

    • Provides a platform to connect with other users based on their preferences and location.
    • One of the top dating sites/apps globally.
    • Allows users to browse through profiles of other members and swipe right or left based on interest.
    • Not limited to any specific sexual orientation.
  • OkCupid:

    • Offers various match-making tools to help users find potential partners based on compatibility.
    • One of the leading dating sites with a large number of active members.
    • Users can interact with other members through messaging and get matched based on mutual interests and personality traits.
    • Welcomes individuals of all sexual orientations.
  • Bumble:

    • Similar to other dating platforms, it allows users to explore and connect with potential matches.
    • Ranked among the top dating apps worldwide.
    • Provides a unique feature that women initiate conversations first, empowering them in the online dating world.
    • Open to users of different sexual orientations.
  • Match.com:

    • A prominent dating site catering to millions of users globally.
    • Enables users to search for and contact other members based on their preferences and desired criteria.
    • Part of the same company that owns several popular dating platforms.
    • Welcomes individuals of all sexual orientations.

Who’s on OkCupid?

OkCupid is known for its diverse and inclusive user base, targeting individuals of various backgrounds and demographics. The platform caters to a wide range of people, including millennials, young professionals, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. While there isn’t an official age requirement to join OkCupid, the average user falls within the 25 to 34-year-old bracket. However, the site still attracts users across different age groups.

In terms of relationship goals, OkCupid encompasses a mix of individuals seeking both casual hookups and long-term relationships.

A significant percentage of users are serious about finding meaningful connections – around 70% state that they are looking for something more than just a casual fling or hookup.

Although founded in the United States, OkCupid has quickly gained popularity on a global scale. It has managed to establish a sizable international presence by offering services in multiple languages and expanding its reach beyond borders. As such, OkCupid appeals to individuals from various countries worldwide rather than focusing exclusively on one specific nation.

User Profiles

OkCupid is a popular dating app that allows users to create user profiles in order to connect with potential matches. These profiles are public, meaning anyone who has an OkCupid account can view them. However, the level of information and visibility may vary depending on the user’s privacy settings.

When it comes to setting up a profile on OkCupid, users have the option to include various details about themselves. This includes their location, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, and even some personal interests and preferences. Additionally, users can set a custom bio where they can provide additional information about themselves or what they are looking for in a potential match.

One important aspect of the profile is the location information. By default, OkCupid uses your device’s GPS data or IP address to determine your general location and displays this information on your profile.

While you cannot completely hide your location from others on OkCupid, there is an option to display just the city instead of a more specific area if you prefer not to reveal too much.

OkCupid also provides an indication of the distance between two users based on their respective locations. This feature can be helpful for those seeking matches within a specific proximity range.

Having a premium subscription on OkCupid offers several benefits when it comes to user profiles. Premium subscribers enjoy advanced search filters such as body type and attractiveness as well as being able to browse profiles invisibly without letting others know they have visited their page.

As with any online platform, fake profiles exist on OkCupid too; however, its moderators make significant efforts to remove these accounts promptly by implementing strict community guidelines and employing automated systems that detect suspicious activity. By reporting any suspicious behavior or phony accounts encountered during usage help keep the environment safe for everyone using the app.

To ensure privacy and control over their own information sharing experience while using OkCupid, users have access to various profile settings options like restricting who can send them messages or view their profile.

Additionally, users also have the choice to sign in using an existing Google or Facebook account.

In conclusion, OkCupid offers public user profiles that display information such as age, location, and custom bio. While some details like specific location cannot be hidden entirely, users do have control over privacy settings and who can access their profiles within the app. Premium subscribers enjoy additional features and benefits aimed at enhancing their overall experience on the platform. Fake profiles exist but are promptly dealt with by OkCupid’s moderation team. Whether you are seeking a compatible match or simply exploring connections in your area, OkCupid provides a platform for fulfilling social interactions while maintaining user privacy controls throughout the process.

Pricing & Premium Membership on OkCupid

A paid subscription to OkCupid offers various benefits that enhance your overall experience on the platform. The pricing of OkCupid’s subscriptions can be considered competitive compared to other options available in the market.

While it is possible to use OkCupid without paying, opting for a paid subscription unlocks additional features and functionalities that can significantly improve your chances of finding compatible matches. These features include advanced search filters, message-read receipts, and the ability to see who has liked your profile.

When using OkCupid without paying, you may find certain limitations in place. For instance, you might have restricted access to certain profiles or limited messaging capabilities. Compared to other dating platforms on the market, this free version still provides a decent range of features and opportunities for connecting with potential matches.

OkCupid accepts various payment methods conveniently catered towards their users’ preferences.

Commonly accepted options include credit cards (such as Visa, Mastercard), PayPal, and mobile payment services like Apple Pay or Google Pay.

In conclusion, while OkCupid can be used without paying for a subscription, choosing a paid membership undoubtedly enhances your online dating experience by providing valuable tools and increased functionality. The platform’s pricing remains competitive when compared to similar offerings in the market today.

Subscription Options Price Features
Basic Free – Create a profile
– Browse and search for other profiles
– Send and receive likes
– Message and chat with mutual likes
– Access to basic matching algorithm
Premium Monthly: $9.99 – Everything included in the Basic plan
– Ad-free browsing experience
– See who likes you before liking back
– Get read receipts for your messages
– Increase visibility with Boosts
– Advanced matching algorithm
– Unlock detailed compatibility ratings
– Enjoy exclusive search features
A-List Monthly: $24.90 – All features from Premium membership
– Daily automatic Boosts
– Additional search filters
– Message priority

Please note that prices may vary depending on your location and promotions available at the time of subscription.


Yes, OkCupid does have a dating website where individuals can create profiles and connect with potential romantic partners. The OkCupid website offers a platform for people to meet and interact online in their search for love or companionship.

The site is known for its comprehensive user profiles that allow members to showcase their personality traits, interests, and beliefs through a variety of prompts and questions. This extensive information helps users get a deeper understanding of potential matches beyond just physical appearances. It allows individuals to find compatibility based on shared values and interests.

One advantage of the OkCupid website is its algorithm-driven matching system.

The platform uses data collected from user responses to various questions to calculate match percentages between individuals. This feature enables users to focus their attention on those who are more likely compatible with them, saving time and effort in the long run.

Another advantage is the flexibility provided by OkCupid’s messaging system. Users are free to send direct messages without any requirement for mutual "likes" or matches, enabling more open communication from the start. In addition, the website encompasses various interactive features such as quizzes and games aimed at fostering connections and sparking conversations among members.

However, there are also some disadvantages associated with the OkCupid website.

One common criticism is the prevalence of fake profiles or inactive accounts. While steps are taken by OkCupid to address this issue, it remains a concern for some users seeking genuine connections.

Furthermore, although navigating through the site itself is generally straightforward due to its simple layout design, finding certain features might require some exploration initially since they may not be immediately visible or intuitive.

In terms of optimization for mobile devices, OkCupid has made efforts in recent years to enhance its mobile experience through dedicated apps available for iOS and Android devices. These mobile apps offer similar functionality as the desktop version while providing convenience and access on-the-go.

Overall, whether accessed through a web browser or using one of its mobile applications, OkCupid’s dating website offers a variety of tools and features to help individuals explore potential relationships based on compatibility.

How Does OkCupid Work?

OkCupid is a well-known online dating platform that provides users with an opportunity to connect and build various types of relationships. Established in 2004 by Harvard University students Chris Coyne, Christian Rudder, Sam Yagan, and Max Krohn, OkCupid has since grown into one of the most popular dating websites globally.

Finding profiles on OkCupid is quite simple. Users can sign up for free and create their own profile by answering a series of questions about themselves. These questions range from personal preferences to political beliefs, aiming to help individuals express their unique personalities. The answers provided not only enable users to showcase their interests but also determine potential matches based on compatibility.

The community using OkCupid consists of diverse individuals seeking different types of connections. While many users look for romantic partners or casual dates, others are interested in building enduring friendships or searching for platonic companionship. This makes OkCupid more than just a traditional dating site and allows people to explore different relationship dynamics as per their preferences.

One key feature that sets apart OkCupid from other platforms is its advanced matching algorithm known as "Match Percentage." It utilizes the answers given during the profile creation process to calculate an individual’s compatibility with another user. Consequently, this percentage helps gauge how well two people may get along or align with each other’s values and interests.

Moreover, OkCupid offers additional features such as DoubleTake, which presents users with potential matches through a swiping interface similar to popular dating apps like Tinder. Furthermore, there is also the option for paid subscribers called A-List membership that unlocks exclusive benefits such as seeing who has liked your profile or viewed your messages among others.

Overall, OkCupid appeals to a wide range of individuals due to its inclusive nature and flexibility in relationship goals – be it finding an ideal match for romance or fostering lasting platonic friendships. With its user-friendly interface and innovative approach towards matchmaking algorithms, OkCupid continues to be a prominent player in the online dating realm.

Searching, Filters and Communications

Have you ever wondered how OkCupid connects people based on their preferences? Well, giving OkCupid’s users the ability to search for potential partners or platonic friendships is a key feature of the platform. In addition, the extensive filter options allow individuals to personalize and refine their searches to find their ideal match.

  • OkCupid offers a search feature that allows users to find other members based on various criteria, such as age range, location, and shared interests.
  • Users can also use the "DoubleTake" feature, where they are shown potential matches one at a time and have the option to indicate their interest or pass on each profile.
  • OkCupid’s messaging system enables users to communicate with other members by sending direct messages within the app or website.
  • Users can join specific communities or groups on OkCupid to connect with like-minded individuals who share similar interests or hobbies.
  • OkCupid provides an "Ideal Match" feature that suggests potential matches based on compatibility scores derived from users’ responses to various questions and prompts.

To make contact on OkCupid, users have several search options and filters at their disposal. They can search for potential matches based on specific criteria such as age range, location, or common interests. Additionally, they can filter results to only show users who are currently online or those who have answered certain questions in a particular way.

These filters allow users to narrow down their search and find individuals who align with their preferences. Once an ideal match is found, initiating contact can be done through messaging features within the platform. This provides opportunities for not only romantic relationships but also platonic friendships or other connections users may seek to establish.

Signing up

To register on OkCupid, individuals must go through a straightforward process that allows them to create an account and start exploring the various features of this online dating platform. The minimum age requirement for signing up on OkCupid is 18 years old.

Registration on OkCupid is entirely free, allowing users to join without any financial commitment or obligations. It’s important to note that while registration is free, some additional premium features may require a subscription fee.

To begin the registration process, users simply need to navigate to the OkCupid website or download the mobile app from their respective app store. On the homepage, they will find a "Sign Up" button prominently displayed. Clicking this button will direct them to the registration page.

On the registration page, users are prompted to enter certain details in order to create an account. These include basic information such as name, email address, birth date (to ensure they meet the minimum age requirement), sexual orientation, and gender identity. This step ensures that each user can personalize their experience based on their preferences and interests.

Once these initial details have been filled out, users proceed by creating a unique username and password combination for logging into their account securely in subsequent visits to OkCupid. It’s essential for users to choose a strong and memorable password.

After setting up login credentials, new members move on to filling out their profile with more personal information including photos which help fellow members get a better sense of who they are in real life outside of cyberspace.

Users are encouraged but not obligated during sign-up process at OkCupid to complete personality quizzes designed by experts aimed at gaining insights about themselves and finding compatible matches within the site’s vast community.

In conclusion, registering on OkCupid requires potential members

to be at least 18 years old,

is completely free,

and involves providing some basic personal details,

creating a username and password,

uploading photos if desired,

and optionally completing personality quizzes to enhance the matchmaking process.

  • Must provide a valid email address to create an OkCupid account.
  • Choose a unique username that reflects your identity or interests.
  • Provide basic information such as age, gender, and location.
  • Upload at least one real-life photo of yourself.
  • Complete optional profile questions about your interests, hobbies, and preferences.
  • Take the time to write a creative and descriptive bio to showcase your personality.
  • Agree to abide by OkCupid’s terms of service and community guidelines.
  • Optionally link your social media accounts to your OkCupid profile for additional verification.

What Makes OkCupid Worth Trying

The strongest sides of OkCupid include:

  1. Extensive matching algorithm: OkCupid utilizes a sophisticated matching algorithm that takes into account various factors such as interests, beliefs, and lifestyle preferences. This algorithm helps users find potentially compatible partners more accurately compared to other sites and apps.

  2. Inclusive and diverse community: OkCupid promotes inclusivity by providing users with numerous gender and sexual orientation options to choose from. This makes it an excellent platform for individuals seeking a diverse range of connections and experiences.

  3. OkCupid Premium: The introduction of OkCupid Premium has added extra value to the platform. Users who subscribe to this service gain access to exclusive features such as advanced search filters, read receipts, and the ability to see who has liked them, all for a reasonable monthly fee.

  4. Unlimited likes: Unlike some other dating platforms that impose limitations on how many profiles you can like per day, OkCupid does not restrict users in this aspect. Having unlimited likes allows for greater flexibility when exploring potential matches and increases the chances of finding someone compatible.

  5. Read receipts: OkCupid Premium includes the feature of read receipts, which lets users know when their message has been read by the recipient. This simple yet useful feature helps eliminate uncertainty about whether a conversation is being actively engaged with or not.

  6. Affordable subscription plans: OkCupid offers reasonable pricing for its premium subscription plans. With options available at different price points per month, users can enjoy enhanced functionality without breaking the bank, making it an appealing choice among other sites and apps.

Security & Safety

Safety and security are of utmost importance when it comes to online dating platforms like OkCupid. To ensure a safe and authentic environment for its users, OkCupid has implemented several measures.

Firstly, OkCupid offers user verification options. While it is not mandatory, users have the option to verify their accounts through social media profiles such as Facebook or Instagram. This additional step adds an extra layer of authenticity by confirming that the person on the profile is real.

OkCupid takes a strong stance against bots and fake accounts. The platform employs advanced algorithms and automated systems to detect suspicious activities and remove them promptly.

By continuously monitoring user behaviors, OkCupid aims to provide a genuine community where people can connect with real individuals.

In addition to these efforts, OkCupid also offers two-step verification as an optional security feature for its users. This adds an extra level of protection by requiring users to enter a unique code sent to their mobile device during the login process.

To prevent misuse or inappropriate content, photos uploaded on OkCupid undergo manual review by dedicated moderators before they are made visible to other users. This ensures that offensive images or explicit material does not make its way onto the platform.

OkCupid has a comprehensive privacy policy in place that outlines how user data is handled and protected. It clearly states what information is collected, how it may be used, and under what circumstances it might be shared with third parties.

While OkCupid has implemented various safety measures, there are still aspects that could be improved upon. For instance, while verifying accounts through social media helps establish authenticity, it should not serve as the sole means of verification since fake accounts can still exist on those platforms too.

Another area for improvement lies in ensuring more proactive identification and removal of suspicious activities beyond algorithms alone. Introducing stricter screening processes during registration or implementing regular checks could help minimize the presence of bots or other malicious entities on the platform.

To enhance users’ sense of security, OkCupid could consider implementing features like video verification or real-time profile authentication, which have been successfully embraced by some other dating platforms. By enabling users to more easily assess the legitimacy of their matches, OkCupid can further cultivate a trustworthy and secure online dating community.

OkCupid features

OkCupid offers both free and paid features to its users, catering to a wide range of preferences. The platform showcases several unique functionalities within its online dating realm.

  • Matching algorithm: OkCupid uses a sophisticated matching system that takes into account various factors to suggest compatible matches.
  • Questionnaire-based compatibility: Users are encouraged to answer multiple questions, which helps determine their compatibility with other users based on shared values and interests.
  • Flexible communication options: OkCupid offers different modes of communication, including secure messaging, photo sharing, and even audio/video calls.
  • Extensive user profiles: Users can create detailed profiles with a variety of information, such as personal preferences, interests, and lifestyle choices.
  • Support for diverse orientations: OkCupid is known for being inclusive and supporting a wide range of sexual orientations and gender identities.


1. What is OkCupid?

OkCupid is like a virtual matchmaker on steroids. It’s a popular online dating platform where you build your profile, answer quirky questions to find compatible matches, and hopefully meet some awesome people along the way. Plus, it’s free to use, so why not give it a shot?

2. How much does OkCupid subscription cost?

Alright, so here’s the deal with OkCupid subscription prices. It offers two options: A-List Basic and A-List Premium. The Basic plan costs around $20 per month, while if you’re feeling a bit fancy and want some extra perks like message read receipts and advanced filtering, the Premium plan will set you back about $35 per month.

3. How does OkCupid website work?

OkCupid works by using a mix of quirky questions and algorithms to match you with potential dates. You start by creating a profile where you can showcase your interests, answer fun prompts, and add photos. Then, the site suggests compatible matches based on similar answers and also allows you to browse profiles and message anyone who catches your eye.

4. How can I know that the profiles on OkCupid are real?

To know if the profiles on OkCupid are real, look for personal details that feel genuine and unique rather than generic. Also, keep an eye out for well-written bios and answers to questions that showcase personality—that’s usually a good sign! Lastly, be cautious of profiles with overly edited or professional-looking photos; it’s nice to see someone’s true self shining through!

5. How much does OkCupid cost?

OkCupid offers both free and paid membership options, so the cost really depends on what features you’re looking for. The basic account is free to use and includes messaging and profile creation, while their premium subscription called "A-List" starts at around $9.99 per month and unlocks additional perks like advanced search filters and seeing who has liked your profile.

6. How can I contact OkCupid?

If you need to reach out to OkCupid for any reason, just shoot them an email at [email protected]. They’re usually pretty quick to respond and super helpful! You can also hit them up on social media like Twitter or Facebook if that’s more your style.

7. How to cancel subscription on OkCupid?

Sure, cancelling your OkCupid subscription is a piece of cake! Just log in to your account, go to the "Settings" menu, click on "Billing," and boom, you’ll find the option to cancel it right there. No rocket science or hidden buttons involved! Enjoy your newfound freedom from online dating commitments.


In summary, OkCupid emerges as a comprehensive online dating platform that caters to individuals seeking meaningful connections. With its tailored matchmaking algorithms and an extensive range of features, the site offers users ample opportunities to engage with like-minded individuals in pursuit of lasting relationships. The user-friendly interface coupled with robust privacy measures bolsters confidence in connecting with potential partners. Though some users may encounter occasional glitches or face limitations based on their membership plan, the overall experience on OkCupid remains largely positive for those looking to navigate the realm of online dating.

Lily Hayes

Lily Hayes is an online dating expert who loves to write reviews on the latest and greatest in the world of digital romance. She has a passion for helping people find their perfect match, and she brings her knowledge of relationships, technology, and psychology together to create comprehensive reviews that help readers make informed decisions about which sites or apps are right for them. With over 10 years' experience in the field of online dating, Lily Hayes knows what it takes to be successful when searching for love digitally. After graduating from college with degrees in Psychology & Technology Studies (with minors in Creative Writing & Sociology), she quickly found herself drawn into researching how technology can improve our social lives - especially when it comes to finding meaningful connections through romantic relationships. What really sets Lily apart as an expert is her dedication not only towards understanding how these platforms work but also why they do so well; having spent countless hours interviewing users across various demographics while analyzing data collected by different services providers – all this combined makes up part of her unique approach at providing detailed yet accessible advice on choosing a site or app that best suits your needs without compromising quality or safety standards along the way! In addition to writing helpful articles full-time since 2016 , Lily speaks regularly at events around North America where she shares insights gleaned from both research studies conducted by leading industry experts as well as personal experiences gained during interviews with real life daters throughout Canada & USA . When not busy working away behind computers screens you'll often find her out exploring nature trails near home base Toronto OR traveling abroad discovering new cultures !

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